Beginner’s Course Kitesurfing

If you’re looking for a kitesurfing course to get started in this exciting water sport, our group kitesurfing initiation course is perfect for you. Through our classes, you will learn the basic techniques of kitesurfing and how to control the kite until you can ride the waves.

Our course is designed for small groups of 3 to 4 people, which means you will receive personalized attention from our instructors. In addition, we offer flexible duration options to adapt to your needs: you can choose between a 1, 2, or 3-day course, depending on your availability and skill level.

Beginner’s Course Kitesurfing
Feel the wind, Feel the freedom & have fun in Tarifa

Beginner Course Kitesurf

These courses can be done in 1, 2 or 3 days, where you will really learn all the basics about kitesurfing; although it’s possible you might need more lessons to further strengthen your knowledge and progress.

Attention to Detail

A kitesurfing group course will have 4 students max with 1 instructor and 2 kites every 2 students.

A breakdown of a kitesurfing course in Tarifa would be:

1- Basic kite controlling skills on land.
2- Flying the kite in the water (body-dragging) and experiencing the power of the kite.
3- Kite + board in the water…. First you will learn how to put the board on your feet and then you will practice how to get up on the board (waterstart).


The first step for any kitesurfing course is to learn how to control the kite on land. The instructor will explain basic concepts about the wind and the student will learn how to set up his equipment. From the very beginning you will be practicing with the kite. You will learn how to fly the kite, hold it in one position, launching and landing, and walking with it in any direction… Everything you need in order to be able to control the kite to perfection.

After this, the student will be ready to enter the water with the kite, without the board, and so at this point you get to wear a wetsuit. At this stage, the student will continue to learn kite flying skills, this time inside the water, generating power so that the kite pulls you. This exercise is called body-dragging, and it’s where the fun and the new sensations start to increase more and more.

Beginner Kitesurfing Tarifa

Once you can control the kite, on land as well as in the water, we would start with exercises with the board. First, we teach you how to put your board on your feet whilst controlling the kite and then to maintain the position of your body giving your back to the wind. If all goes well, we begin to steer the kite and you’ll have your first attempts at standing on top of a kitesurfing board. This is what we call waterstart.

Once the student can put his own board on his feet, keeping the kite under control, he will continue to practice until he can ride his first meters.

This progression can be faster or slower depending on the conditions of the wind, but above everything it will depend on each person, because some will learn quicker than others.

What’s important is to start with the kitesurfing course and see the progression and new sensations acquired by the student, so that the course can be adapted to each one of them.

When you finish your course, if you’d like we can give you a certificate of the level achieved in accordance with the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) which will allow you to continue your course at another spot or to rent equipment if you have made it to that level.

All kitesurfing gear is included in the course.

We supply the full equipment: wetsuit, harness, floatation vest, and the kitesurfing equipment, kite, control barr and board of the highest quality brands like Cabrinha, Naish, Brunotti and O’Neill.

Radio helmets so you can always listen to your instructor even when you’re in the water.

We also have all the insurance and licenses needed to practice this activity in Tarifa.

We work with 3 rescue boats.

What do I need to bring to my kitesurfing course?

Comfortable clothes, sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, lots of water or juice to drink during the class and above all lots of motivation and energy because you will sure enjoy it.

FAV Instructors

Andalusian Sailing Federation

Regulate the teaching of Kitesurfing and Kite schools in Tarifa.

Regulations of the Tarifa City Council on the Sports Law 5/2006.

IKO Instructors

International kiteboarding Organization

Learn and progress in kitesurfing with an IKO instructor to be internationally recognized for your skills.

Safety and experience


Why do I need to take a kitesurfing course?

Kitesurfing is a risky sport and it’s very important to learn it the correct way, having safety as a priority and under the guidance of a professional instructor.

At Kiteobsession we have kitesurfing courses for every level of experience, from people who would only like to spend a day at the beach and try out how it feels to fly a kite, to those who want to spend the weekend practicing a new activity, or those who want to learn everything they need in order to become an independent kitesurfer.

Also, if you already have some experience with kitesurfing but need to be reminded of certain concepts, or would like to have an instructor by your side, we have refresher and advanced courses so you don’t have to start from cero and you can pick up from where you left at your last course.

And of course, we also have advanced courses to learn the latest tricks in Strapless, Freestyle or Hydrofoil.

Who can take a kitesurfing course?

Anybody that feels attracted and motivated to learn kitesurfing. The only requirement is to know how to swim so you can be comfortable in the water.

If you want to do it and feel motivated we will do everything we can to teach you and help you become a happy kitesurfer.

Can children learn how to kitesurf?

Of course they can and we have courses adapted to kids with instructors that specialize in children. The only requirement is the child must weigh at least 35kg. Although it will also depend on the strength of the wind and this is why these courses are only taught on light to moderate wind days.

Which course should I choose?

You should choose the one that most suits your time schedule, goal and budget… There are 3 types of courses according to the amount of students.

Group Kitesurfing Course. With a maximum of 4 students per instructor. Each student will have his own personal equipment including wetsuit, harness, helmet and floatation vest, plus a kite to share between 2 students. In short: 4 students, 2 kites, 1 instructor.

This is the course that students usually choose when they want to learn from cero, and especially if you’re travelling with friends or family. You can take as many days of kitesurfing group course as you like, from one to any number of days.

Semi-private Kitesurfing Course. Two students only with one instructor. Each student will have his own personal equipment, and we can use one or two kites depending on the students’ skill level, the conditions of the wind and the judgment of the instructor. This course is ideal to share the experience with a friend, a daughter/son or your partner.

The biggest secret to improve faster with kitesurfing is the amount of time you have the instructor’s attention. This is why the semi-private course is the perfect way to save time on your learning process.

Private Kitesurfing Course. Without a doubt this is the best and fastest way to learn, especially if you would like to save time or days of your learning process. The student has the whole set-up for himself and one instructor to teach him and give me instant feedback.

Any of these three types of courses are suitable for a beginner with cero experience.

Who will teach me how to kitesurf?

An instructor with lots of experience exclusively dedicated to teaching kitesurf in Tarifa, with its special wind conditions. They are all internationally certified with the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) and nationally certified with the FAV (Federación Andaluza de Vela).

But most importantly, they are passionate about this sport and they enjoy teaching and sharing their knowledge.

When you finish your course, you can receive an international certificate from the IKO if you’d like, which will enable you to continue your course at another spot or to rent gear is you have reached that level.

Is all equipment included in the course?

We supply the full equipment: wetsuit, harness, floatation vest and above all, the kitesurfing equipment: kite and board of the highest quality brands like Cabrinha, Naish, Brunotti and O’Neill. Plus we use radio-helmets at private and semi-private courses so you can always listen to your instructor.

What do I need to take to my kitesurfing course?

Comfortable clothes, sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, lots of water or juice to drink during the class and above all lots of motivation and energy because you will sure enjoy it.

What can I do if I would like to continue after I finish my course?

You can continue to take more classes, however many you want or need. Students usually want to extend their first course.

According to the level that you’ve reached, you will be able to add extra days to your group course or choose to do a private (or semi-private) course to make the most of it.

What are the school’s safety measures?

The first and most important one is the experience our instructors have; they will ensure that you are safe at all times and enjoy the experience.

All our equipment is new, in perfect shape and of the highest quality.

We also work together with 3 rescue boats that are always watching out for all the students in the water.

And of course, we count with the liability insurance required by the Tarifa’s Council in order to be licensed to run a kitesurfing school.

What happens if I can’t make it to a class I have already paid for?

We will give you your money back or best said: you will only pay for the hours of class you actually take.

If you need to ask us anything, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Course in group Prices

Curso 1 día 3h/Día 80
Curso 2 días 3h/Día 160
Curso 3 días 3h/Día 240
Curso 1 día 4h/Día 95
Curso 2 días 4h/Día 190
Curso 3 días 4h/Día 285
Price per person.

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