Kitesurf Course for Children in Tarifa

*Money-back guarantee, you only pay for the classes you do. If there is no wind or the conditions are not good, you will not have to pay anything.

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Tell us what you need and we will adapt to your requirements.

Course Evolution

We have designed these kitesurfing courses for the little ones. With a duration of 1:30 hours for the private course and 2 hours for the semi-private course always with a specialized instructor.

Our experience tells us that 1:30 hours individually and 2 hours with someone else is the
recommended time for kids as well as being more economical.

Our instructors Jesús, Jorge and Anna have specialty training and experience teaching children and whose goal is to help kids to learn quickly and safely.
But above all else, ensure they have fun and enjoy the kitesurfing experience.


Wind conditions, setting up equipment, learning to fly the kite, keeping it still, taking off, landing, using one hand. You will learn to master the kite perfectly while on the sand.


Everything we learned on the sand we put into practice in the water. We will generate the power necessary to drag ourselves in the water (body drag).

From here the fun really begins!


Once we can control the kite, we will start exercises with the board: We put our feet on the board remembering that we have a kite to control, maintain body posture – always with your back to the wind and if all goes well, we will start to move the kite and try our first attempts to stand up on the board. This is the famous water start.

From here we only have to practice until we get to ride our first meters.


This varies depending on wind conditions, the type of course you are doing and on each person. We all learn at a different pace although children are particularly adept and often learn faster than the adults.

Doing a private or semi-private course is a faster way to learn due to the dedicated time of the instructor.



Kitesurfing is a sport that must be learned correctly to avoid risks. That is why safety and the guidelines of a professional instructor must be taken into account.

At Kite Obsession we have courses designed for any level, whether you want to spend a day on the beach and try to control the kite, spend a weekend doing a new activity or learn everything you need to be an independent kitesurfer.

Additionally, if you already are a beginner to intermediate kitesurfer but need to remember concepts, we offer a “refresh” course and some more advanced courses to evolve from where you left it.

And, of course, we also have advanced courses to learn the latest strapless tricks, freestyle or hydrofoil.

Anyone who feels attracted and motivated to learn kitesurfing. The only requirement is to know how to swim and to feel comfortable in the water.

If you have the desire and motivation, we put all our efforts into helping you learn and becoming a happy kitesurfer.

Of course. We also have adapted courses and specialised monitors for children.

Generally, these courses will be taught on days with light or moderate winds.

The one that best suits your time, objective, budget….

Kite Obsession offers 3 types of courses depending on the number of students, always under the care and attention of an instructor.

Kitesurf group course: They consist of 3/4 students and 1 teacher. This course is designed for people who already know each other and want to enjoy their first kiteboarding experience all together. Each student has their own personal material (wetsuit, harness, helmet, vest). The kite is shared between 2 people.

Semi-private kitesurfing course: Only 2 students with 1 teacher. Each one has their personal material. 1 or 2 kites can be used depending on the students skills, the conditions and the instructor’s decision. It is the ideal course to share with a friend, a family member, a partner…

The real secret to progress quickly in kitesurfing lies in the time that the teacher is by your side. Therefore, a semi-private course is a good way to save time learning.

Private Kitesurf Course: This is the best way to learn, especially if you want to save learning time. The student with all the equipment and an instructor teaching and correcting at all times. This is the tailor made lesson with constant attention from your instructor.

Any of these three courses can be done by a beginner from level zero.

An instructor with extensive experience, dedicated exclusively to teaching kitesurfing in Tarifa with its particular wind conditions. All of them with an international IKO (International Kitesurf Organization) and/or National FAV (Andalusian Sailing Federation) qualification.

Most importantly, they are passionate about this sport and enjoy teaching and sharing their knowledge.

At the end of your kitesurfing course, if you wish, you will receive an IKO international level certificate, which will help you continue your course elsewhere or be able to rent material.

We provide all the material: wetsuits, harness, vest, helmet and all kitesurfing equipment: kite, bar and board from the best brands and quality such as Core, O’Neill and Crazy Fly. In our private and semi-private courses you will have radio headphones to always listen to your instructor.
Comfortable clothing, sunglasses, sun protection, cap or hat. Lot’s of water and above all, enthusiasm and energy because you are going to have a really great time!
It is very common that once you finish your lessons, you ask for more (meaning that you loved it!). Regardless of the level reached, the courses can be extended for as long as you need. There is no standard course. You can start with 2 or 3 days and increase them according to your evolution and your desire. There is also the option of adding more hours to the course since the beginning so that it adapts to your needs: 3-hour private course, 4-hour semi-private course, etc…

The first and most important is the experience of our instructors who will ensure your safety so that you can enjoy at all times.
We have new and top quality equipment, in perfect condition.

In addition, 3 rescue boats that will always be attentive to all students in the water.

And of course we have the civil liability and accident insurance required by the Tarifa city hall to be able to have a kitesurf school license.

We will refund your money. In Kite Obsession you only pay for the hours of classes you take.

If you need anything else, do not hesitate to contact us.


We are not just a Kitesurf school, we are a community that shares laughter, challenges and epic moments. Explore the opinions of our students and understand why each experience with us is unique.
Nat Jo
Nat Jo
Toller Shop. Wir haben hier als Anfänger von Juan und seiner Kollegin eine großartige und super freundliche Beratung für unsere erste Ausrüstung erhalten. Es wurde sich sehr viel Zeit genommen. Wir kommen gerne wieder. Vielen Dank für den tollen Vormittag. :)
Silvia Antonini
Silvia Antonini
The best school in Tarifa! Super!
Alberto Jimenez-Ortiz Corraliza
Alberto Jimenez-Ortiz Corraliza
Whnever I can go to Tarifa to kite I always choose kite Obsession. They are great kite monitors and you have lot of fun with them. My monitor in November 2023 was Anna and she was great at teaching me to go upwind! Best Tarifa kitesurf school!
Javier NoImporta
Javier NoImporta
Compré un neopreno y se encargaron de tramitarme un problema con la garantía muy eficazmente. Personal muy agradable
Shari Lauwers
Shari Lauwers
Great kitesurfing school! My instructor Francois was very patient and kind, I learned a lot in 3 days. Would definitely go back there!
rik dendal
rik dendal
Great shop, very helpful! Go here if you want a relaxed service how it should be!
Roon De Borger
Roon De Borger
Best kiteschool in Tarifa. Juan arranged everything for a perfect week of kiteboarding. We were a big group of all levels and progressed a lot thanks to the super instructors. Will come back!
Stéphanie De Man
Stéphanie De Man
Amazing kiteschool with best in class kitesurf material and the best, most professional, and coolest kite teachers that make sure you are safe + you have an amazing time!